The Trustees

Lena Yang, Chair

Lena YangLena is from China and is an English teacher graduate of Normal University. Her skills and interests focus on community and social enterprise and she has a passion for communicating with different groups. She continues to teach in English and in Mandarin. Lena is a former chair of Chinese Action Network Bridging Trust (CAN-B Trust) and currently holds the position in CAN-B as coordinator. Her full time employment is Sales Manager of Neway Marketing Development Co. Ltd.

Lena knows how important it is to look after our environment and sees her involvement in Earth Action Trust as a way of doing “her bit” to improve our environment.

Malvinder Pal Singh

Malvinder Pal SinghMalvinder has a background in project management both in his home country of India and in New Zealand. He is one of the founding members of the Sukhmani Charitable Trust and Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Trust. He was also part of the team who successfully set up the Sikh Temple in New Lynn.

Malvinder has a passion for community work and encourages people to volunteer least two to three hours a week of their time for community work. He has joined Earth Action Trust because he wants to participate in programmes that help combat habitat destruction and global warming. He also sees it as an opportunity to help create jobs for needy migrants and refugees.

Joel Umali

Joel UmaliJoel is from the Philippines and is actively involved in the community as a trustee in Youth Excel Trust and a member of Christ Commission Fellowship. He currently works for Auckland Council as Project Leader (Strategic Community Initiatives).

Joel has over 10 years’ experience in project development, management and evaluation, both in New Zealand and in The Philippines, focusing on areas such as poverty alleviation and social enterprise. He has joined because he wants to be part of an organisation that uses waste resource to create job opportunities especially for young migrants and refugees.

Ricardo Menendez March

Ricardo Menendez March

Ricardo arrived to New Zealand in 2006 as a first generation migrant from Mexico. He currently works as the Coordinator for Auckland Action Against Poverty campaigning for welfare reform and is interested in the intersections of the climate change and anti-poverty movements. He has done work with the Aotearoa Latin American Community, bringing together the Latin American community with locals, particularly tangata whenua.

Takashi Yoneyama

Takashi YoneyamaTakashi is originally from Japan and was a former Board of Trustee for Waitakere Japanese Supplementary School. With more than 15 years of experience in helping people with developmental disorders, he has a strong sense of inclusiveness and diversity. Takashi is passionate about supporting the community and environmental causes to ensure that our future generations can enjoy the nature as much as we do today.

Rene Angeles

Rene AngelesOriginally from the Philippines, Rene is a veterinarian and registered nurse. Although in the medical field, he’s a strong advocate for human rights, animal welfare and environment. As president of Partners in Progress Incorporated from 1999 to 2001, he led the development of strategic initiatives and programs including urban resiliency and disaster risk reduction and management. He also managed income generating programs to recover from disaster losses.



The Team

Agnes Granada

Agnes GranadaGranada is Coordinator of Earth Action Trust and a self-appointed Basurera (female garbage collector in her native language of Tagalog). She immigrated to New Zealand in 1988 from the Philippines. She is a life member of the Auckland University Students Association where she worked in the finance department for 11 years. Her time at the University was the catalyst for her becoming involved with non-profit organisations. In 2002 she co-founded Migrant Action Trust and became a community advocate and worker. In June 2014 she resigned from Migrant Action Trust to start Earth Action Trust.

Granada believes that the environmental issues should be also be taken into account, along with social, cultural, economic and political issues, when coming up with solutions to combat social injustice in New Zealand.

Tatsuo Nishimura

Tatsuo NishimuraOriginally from Japan, Tatsuo brings to New Zealand his skills acquired from work experience in market research and human resources management. After obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts from AUT in 2009, he worked for Migrant Action Trust for some years, and then started his environmental career at Earth Action Trust in 2015.


The following organisations currently provide volunteers for Earth Action Trust but the Trust welcomes anyone who is prepared to give their time and skills to help promote the mission of Earth Action Trust to help Mother Earth.

  • Migrant Action Trust
  • Chinese Action Network Bridging Trust
  • Sukhmani Charitable Trust
  • Japanese community
  • Danran Japanese Seniors

Working Group

The Working Group

In May 2013 a working group was created to investigate the creation of a social enterprise in community recycling. The group met between June and October 2013. In this time they visited Xtreme Waste Raglan, Trash Palace Porirua, Waitakere Transfer Station and Community Business and Environment Centre Kaitaia. Earth Action Trust was launched in November 2013.

We acknowledge the voluntary work of the members of the working group and the members of the group are listed below.

Alvin Yung  Alvin Jung, University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning
Arjeet Baweja  Arjeet Baweja, Sukhmani Charitable Trust
Fukiko Otsuka  Fukiko Otsuka, Japanese community
George Misa  George Misa, Migrante Aotearoa
Alvin Yung  Hajime Otsuka, Japanese community
Haruko Tabuchi  Haruko Tabuchi, Japanese community
Jane Mueke  Jane Mueke, Migrant Action Trust
Lena Yang  Lena (Luying) Yang, Chinese Action Network Bridging Trust
Liban Ahmed  Liban Ahmed, ONKOD Somali Youth
Malabika Bhaduri  Malabika Bhaduri, Probasee Bengalee Association
Mohammed Ousman  Mohammed Ousman, New Zealand Nejashi Trust
Musa Evan  Musa Evan, Ugandan community
Tatsuo Nishimura  Tatsuo Nishimura, Migrant Action Trust
Rebecca McIlwraith  Rebecca McIlwraith, independent contractor
Thin Myat Khine  Thin Myat Khine, Auckland Burmese community
Zena2 Zena Wrigley, Roskill Community Network


Partners & Sponsors

Partners & Sponsors

Auckland Council

Puketapapa Local Board

Migrant Action Trust

Envision New Zealand

Community Recyclers Network

Auckland Community Resource Recovery Network

Lion Foundation


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