Projects/Programmes for Community Sustainability

The Earth Action Trust will be introducing the following programmes to help achieve its vision of zero waste and zero unemployment by 2040. For further information about these progrmmes and how you can help please contact Earth Action Trust at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Resource Recovery Initiative

This will collect donations of unwanted household and business goods – DON’T TRASH IT!  DONATE IT! 

The initiative will:

  • reuse the goods in other programmes such as Sewing Course and Art Classes
  • restore and repair the goods as part of a programme called The Shed
  • redistribute the goods to needy families through monthly Garage Sales

This initiative will also provide a location that will serve as :

  • A space for people of different cultures people to come and learn new skills to prepare them for self-employment or employment elsewhere.
  • A venue for people to meet new friends thereby strengthening community spirit and addressing disconnectedness  
  • A space for job seekers to do voluntary work so that they can get local job experience
  • A venue for retirees to mentor young people and pass on their workshop skills

SAIKI – A Waste Minimisation Education Programme

“SAIKI” was coined from the English word ‘psyche’ because it aims at changing human psyche in treating waste as a resource. It is a consciousness raising, behaviour-altering education programme delivered at the household level to help achieve the Zero Waste vision. Working with various migrant groups, it will introduce families to the 6R principles - refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and rot, and how to sort rubbish from source.

Resource Recovery Craft

Resource Recovery Craft is about recycling and upcycling unwanted materials (such as off-cut fabrics) into eco-friendly handmade products that can replace artificial and synthetic products potentially harmful to the natural environment (such as plastic shopping bags). The programme also promotes the reuse of old equipment. Our Resource Recovery Craft group is being operated weekly, and ready to receive the order of promotional bags from businesses and organisations.

Bike Kitchen

Bike Kitchen is operated in partnership with Refugee As Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ), Puketapapa Active Transport Haven (PATH) and Roskill Youth Zone. The programme will provide a multi-cultural space for a workshop where people with handyman skills refurbish unused bikes to be redistributed to the local community, while local youth learn skills and be mentored by matured people. It also promotes a wider use of bike as a healthier alternative to driving.


Don't Trash It, Donate It.

Making Something NEW Out of Something Old

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