Blessing of the Earth Action Trust by Kaumatua Tame Cassidy

On behalf of trustees of the Earth Action Trust, staff, volunteers, members of the working group and friends of the Trust, we’d like to take this opportunity to honour our Roskill Kaumatua Tame Cassidy who passed away early this year of 2014. His aroha and support of the journey since 2011 will be forever

Tame brought the blessings of the language and customs of the land last November 2013 at the launch of Earth Action Trust.

He said that from the earth comes everything and he thought that the name Earth Action Trust was an appropriate one. In Maori it is called Nuku Nuku A Papatuanuku, which means the action of the earth; the earth is moving, receiving and responding.

The blessing of the Earth Action Trust included the presentation of a basket that had a mix of New Zealand native and indigenous plants mixed with exotic ones. It symbolised diversity, strength and the skills necessary to create a future for our children and to be mindful of Mother Earth.