SAIKI Waste Minimisation Education Prog

SAIKI is one of the services offered by Earth Action Trust and was facilitated by a former refugee from Somalia, Rahma Dimbil Project Officer from October 2013 to April 2014. The word SAIKI was coined by Agnes Granada and is derived from the word, psyche. SAIKI aims to identify the root cause of the creation of waste as opposed to fixing the problem. Behavioural change is the key to achieving waste minimisation goals. Bad habits developed over time, such as not sorting out waste from the source, are hard to break and therefore education will help people shift their mindsets. SAIKI seeks to influence behavioural change through families by providing the programmes at home. The programme started by researching things that influence our psyche, mindset, behaviour and attitude. In addition, it looked into consumerism, the effects of ethnicity on learning, generational characteristics,
religion and existing waste minimisation education programmes. The project starts with breaking bad habits and introducing families to the principle of refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. Once they understand the principle of sorting waste at the source they can start the composting process and later create their own Eden. This process requires the participation of the whole family in order to make it sustainable. The goal of the project is to create a network of families who will act as champions by influencing other families thereby causing a ripple effect. So far, 15 families have signed up for the project. It is expected that each family will influence 4 other families thereby creating a network of 60 families. The cycle would then continue.