The 6 R Principle for sustainability and waste hierarchy

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood


Don’t buy what we don’t really need. Avoid cheap items that will break easily. Avoid single-use disposable items, plastic products, and products with excessive packaging. Reconsider not buying items that it is sufficient to have access to.


Simplify your life, minimise new purchases. Use eco-friendly natural products that replace non-biodegradable items. Declutter your home, making your items available to someone else who can reuse them. Reduce your shopping trips and keep a shopping list.


When items break or wear out, repair or revitalize them, or take it to professionals and have them repaired.


Don’t trash, donate to a local charitable organisation what you don’t need any more to be reused by others. Share items with others in the community. Buy primarily secondhand, and when you must buy new, choose products that can be reused.


Recycle what you cannot repair or reuse. Separate your rubbish properly to make sure that your recycled material can be reused. You can find recycling policies in Auckland by clicking here


Put any organic waste into a rot bin (or a compost bin). If you are keen on producing fertilizer for your garden set up a compost bin. Rot bin is an easier option as it doesn’t require you to take much care about adding decomposers such as worms. The rot bins in our premises have never been full in the last four years, nor it smells.

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