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Welcome to Earth Action Trust

An organisation that is dedicated to protecting
the environment and creating awareness for a sustainable future.

How You Can Get Involved

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What do we envision?

At Earth Action Trust, our aim is to transform lives by empowering people through education, action and leadership. We want to support our community in being good stewards of the environment with the aim of improving both their wellbeing and their ability to contribute to the creation of a sustainable diverse future. Continue Reading..

What is our mission?

  1. Operate a high employment social enterprise that will improve the socio-economic conditions of the most deprived and marginalised
  2. Recognise the cultural diversity of New Zealand and integrate it into our operation

Our Programmes

The Anti-litter Champions

Trash on city streets, plastic in the sea, and illegal dumping are all part of the problem. In Auckland alone, litter cleanups cost almost $5 million a year according to the 2018 ‘Litter by Little’ project report.

The’ Anti-litter Champions’ is a campaign to raise awareness of the increasing trash on city streets by:
• Engaging the community in events
• ‘TeamUp 2 CleanUp’ activities

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Zero Waste @ Events

New Zealand is now home to over 200 cultures.  As such, many celebrations are common especially in the summer. The waste that has accumulated at them has had harmful effects in wildlife, soil and landscape as well as other things.

Zero Waste @ Events is a service to support event managers to ensure waste are discarded properly to the appropriate bins – recyclable, compostable, landfill and soft plastic.

To know more about running a zero waste events go to

Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Our lives have been conditioned by convenience. So much so, that you can buy pretty much anything from the comfort of your bedroom.

Clothes is forecasted to reach more than 92 million tonnes by 2030.  In New Zealand alone, we discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste each year. This is equivalent to 3,200kg of waste per Kiwi, one of the highest levels in the world and only 28% of this waste is currently recycled (source:

Zero waste lifestyle is a workshop delivered in ‘migrant speak’ to train participants on how to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and rot.

Progress Together

While everyone benefits from a little boost in physical health, long-term volunteers have longer lives, less disease, and better overall health. One report says that people who volunteer over 100 hours a year are some of the healthiest people in the U.S.

Progress Together is a volunteers’ network to bring awareness of the several and unexpected benefits of volunteering in one’s body, soul and spirit.

Earth Action Trust gratefully acknowledges the assistance of

News & Updates

Making Something NEW Out of Something Old

Making Something NEW Out of Something Old

Making Something NEW Out of Something Old – a sewing group to create patched and quilted products out of donated fabrics. It runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 12 am at 766 Sandringham Road, Mt Roskill. Targeting our Pacific people to bring out their best in...

Don’t Trash It!! Donate It!!!

Don’t Trash It!! Donate It!!!

Plastic is prevalent in our lives. It fills our fridges storing food in individual containers. It frames our glowing computer screens and nestles our DVDs. It totes our groceries around when we lack a free hand. Unfortunately, plastic has a darker side. Plastic is...

SAIKI Waste Minimisation Education Prog

SAIKI Waste Minimisation Education Prog

SAIKI is one of the services offered by Earth Action Trust and was facilitated by a former refugee from Somalia, Rahma Dimbil Project Officer from October 2013 to April 2014. The word SAIKI was coined by Agnes Granada and is derived from the word, psyche. SAIKI aims...

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